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Resume Services

Unlock Your Career Potential: Rise to Success with our Expert Resume Writing!

Introducing Our Premier Executive Resume Services: Unlocking Your Professional Success.

We understand the pivotal role a well-crafted executive resume plays in shaping your career trajectory. That's why we are thrilled to offer our distinguished clientele a comprehensive suite of services designed to catapult their professional journey to new heights.

Contact us for pricing, our executive resume services are tailored to meet the unique needs of seasoned professionals like yourself. Our team of seasoned experts, well-versed in the art of crafting persuasive resumes, will collaborate closely with you to ensure your professional narrative shines through.

Here's what you can expect from our Executive Resume Services package:

  1. Customized Resume: Our professional writers will meticulously craft a compelling executive resume that highlights your achievements, showcases your leadership prowess, and positions you as an invaluable asset in today's competitive job market.

  2. Persuasive Cover Letter: A thoughtfully written cover letter is your gateway to grabbing the attention of recruiters and hiring managers. Our team will craft a personalized cover letter that captivates readers, emphasizing your unique value proposition and demonstrating your alignment with the target position.

  3. Polished Resignation Letter: Transitioning from one executive role to another requires finesse and professionalism. Our experts will help you draft a well-crafted resignation letter that maintains goodwill with your current employer while ensuring a seamless departure.

  4. LinkedIn Profile Review and Updates: With an increasingly digital job market, optimizing your LinkedIn profile is paramount. We will conduct a comprehensive review of your LinkedIn presence, ensuring it reflects your executive brand, showcases your achievements, and maximizes your professional visibility.

  5. Executive Biography: A succinct and impactful executive biography can set you apart from the competition. Our skilled writers will craft an attention-grabbing narrative that showcases your career milestones, leadership expertise, and industry influence, further elevating your professional brand.

  6. Thoughtful Thank You Note and Follow-Up Support: Nurturing relationships after an interview is crucial. We will provide you with a professionally composed thank you note, demonstrating your appreciation and keeping you top of mind with hiring decision-makers. Additionally, our team will assist you with follow-up strategies to maximize your chances of securing the position.

  7. Executive Resume PowerPoint Slide: A visually stunning and engaging executive resume PowerPoint slide will amplify your professional impact. Our designers will create an impressive visual representation of your credentials, making an indelible impression during presentations, conferences, and networking events.


We are committed to empowering executives like you to unlock new opportunities and propel your career forward. Our executive resume services offer unparalleled value, combining expert writing, strategic insights, and professional design.

Elevate your executive presence today. Contact us to schedule a consultation and embark on a transformative journey towards professional success.


Career & College Graduate Resume Services

We recognize the importance of a strong resume in kickstarting your career or transitioning to the next level. We are thrilled to offer a range of tailored services designed to empower both career professionals and college graduates with the tools they need to succeed.

Starting at $350+, our career and college graduate resume services are specifically designed to meet your unique needs and propel your professional journey forward. Our team of experienced career consultants and resume writers will work closely with you to ensure your resume captivates employers and highlights your skills and accomplishments effectively.

Here's what you can expect from our Career and College Graduate Resume Services:

  1. Professionally Crafted Resume: Our team of expert writers will meticulously construct a compelling resume that showcases your skills, qualifications, and achievements in a way that resonates with employers. We will highlight your unique value proposition and tailor the content to your specific career goals, ensuring your resume stands out from the competition.

  2. Persuasive Cover Letter: A well-crafted cover letter is essential for making a strong first impression. Our talented writers will create a customized cover letter that effectively communicates your passion, motivation, and alignment with the target position. We'll help you grab the attention of hiring managers and demonstrate why you are the ideal candidate.

  3. LinkedIn Profile Review: In today's digital age, optimizing your online presence is paramount. Our team will conduct a thorough review of your LinkedIn profile, ensuring it reflects your professional brand, showcases your achievements, and maximizes your visibility to potential employers and recruiters.


With our comprehensive career and college graduate resume services, you'll receive personalized guidance and support from our team of experts. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your professional aspirations and stand out in a competitive job market.

Anthony Jackson, GA

“Responsive, customized and no hassle! Just what a busy professional dreams of in high stake situations. Thank you!"

Laurissa Wilson, PA

"Sonya did an amazing job updating my resume. I highly recommend Sonya you wont be dissappointed."

Alberto Luccini, DC

“I needed an executive resume. Sonya did an amazing job giving my existing resume a total facelift.”
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